My Little Art Challenge




And that about does it for tonights challenge! See you next time!

Send in your fighters! As always you’ve got until 10:52 PM CST!

And tonight’s challenge is a repeat from a few months back: Crossover any MLP character with the fighting game of your chosing! Is Bulk Bicep facing off against Zangief? Is Donkey Kong having a tea party with Fluttershy? Is Scootaloo, in fact, SubZero? It’s your call!

The clock starts now!

We’re here! It’s up! Want to vote on which topic becomes tonights challenge? Hop in!

Challenge tonight! 10 PM CST!

Right on schedule! Do you have an idea of a situation/theme/character that you would like to see become a challenge topic? Drop it in the ask box!

No challenge today due to holiday!






And that does it for todays challenge! Hope you guys liked it! and hey, if you’d like to see more challenges like this one, put it up in the ask box! See you next time!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand NOW it’s closed!

until 5:15 PM today!

But hey! Let’s run this thing for another 30 minutes? Have a little fun with things today, I’ll leave it open until 5:15 PM CST today!